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Cambridge Water Technologies (now part of Evoquo Technologies)

Project: Construction of multiple pilot plants to demonstrate the Comag and BioMag process.

Cambridge Water Technology (CWT) was formed in 1996 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts with the goal of developing a unique particulate removal process to aid with water and wastewater treatment.  CWT focused primarily on what is now known as the Comag™ and Biomag™ processes.  Both processes aided in improving water and wastewater treatment.  CWT was purchased in 2012 by Seimens Water Technologies, and currently resides as part of Evoquo Technologies, LLC

The client tapped IWWS to help them construct a pilot plant to demonstrate its BioMag System, a new water treatment process which uses a magnetite-infused system to improve secondary wastewater treatment. The initial project included the coordination and installation of electrical systems, piping and multiple pieces of equipment. Based on the successful installation of the first project, Evoqua contracted IWWS to build additional pilot plants as they modified and improved the BioMag process.

project details

Date: 04/2015
Customer: Cambridge Water Technology