EMC owns a pump station consisting of 2 dry pit pumps. The pumps were old and in need of constant maintenance and were becoming unreliable. In addition to that, some of the shut off valves did not work, adding to the difficulty and cost of any needed maintenance. The client decided they wanted to replace the existing dry pit pumps with 2 submersible pumps, even though they would not actually be submerged. This offered the advantage of being a self-contained unit directly from the factory. Whereas a traditional dry pit pump, would require additional field alignment and vibration analysis. Also if the pump station was to flood, there would be no concern of damage to the submersible pumps. The existing chamber where the pumps would be installed was extremely limited in space, forcing IWWS to change around the pipe configuration, and install knife gate valves that took up less floor area.

Since this is an active pump station, shutting down the station for extended periods of time was not an option. IWWS was unable to isolate the pumps for removal until the valves were replaced. A temporary shutdown was scheduled for a 6 hour period to enable IWWS to replace the existing valves. Upon completion of this, the pumps and piping were isolated as needed and new equipment installed. The client has since enjoyed trouble free operation of the pump station.



project details

Date: 04/2015
Customer: EMC