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Indian Brook Condominium Association WWTF

Project:  Upgrade existing sand filter to a new denitrification filter

Indian Brook Condominium Association consists of 112 individually owned condominium units housed in 28 buildings located on seven streets. The Association owns its own wastewater treatment facility that serves these properties.

The customer, in conjunction with Onsite Engineers, had put out a request to upgrade the existing sand filter to denitrification filter.  After a close evaluation of the system, it was apparent that the tank was severely corroded from rust, and repairing the tank would be very costly.  IWWS offered as an alternative to build a custom designed stainless steel tank to replace the existing sand filter — offering the benefits of a tank that will never corrode, and a tank that is custom designed to fit the new process equipment utilizing the existing building space as efficiently as possible.  IWWS fabricated the tank offsite, allowing them to remove the existing process and install the new one within the 45 day window established by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Services.

Upon the initial project completion, the client explored the option of addressing the existing steel clarifier and RBC tank which were corroding significantly. The most cost-effective solution was to sandblast and paint the tanks extending the equipment life for many years to come, saving the client from more costly repairs in the future. The WWTP was unable to be shut down, creating the need to haul wastewater offsite, greatly increasing the urgency to complete the repairs as fast as possible to reduce the overall cost. To add to the complexity, the RBC needed to be moved outside the building to allow the painters to properly abrasive blast and paint the interior of the tank. IWWS temporally removed a portion of the roof and lifted the RBC outside of the building. The painters blasted and coated the RBC tank and clarifier within one week. Equipment was installed back in the building and the wastewater process brought back online within 20 days.

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Date: 03/2015
Customer: Indian Brooke Condominium Association WWTF