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“Interstate Wastewater has always provided me with the right solution, no matter how tough to hear or implement. They stand by their work, which generally exceeds expectations, and they never run out of creative ways to solve problems. I respect their knowledge and capabilities, and I’m happy to bring them in whenever they can help.”

Lewis Zediana, Chief Operating Engineer
Tewksbury, MA Water Treatment Plant


Turnkey Services

We provide turnkey services for all types of specialized projects requiring innovation and imagination.

Construction Projects

Projects include everything such as small industrial treatment systems, pump station upgrades, renovation of sludge dewatering facilities and chemical handeling feed systems.

Experience Across Engineering Disciplines

We have an extensive range of experience in the civil, environmental, mechanical and electrical engineering. This experience provides the ability to assess and determine the solutions that will provide top quality solutions at a cost effective price.


Every plant, municipality and facility has distinct operating needs, so we become knowledgeable about your unique situation and requirements to ensure that the solutions offered provide the right long term answer at a reasonable cost.


Our ability to custom fabricate makes us a top choice for projects that are too specialized or small to warrant the costly services of large engineering consultants but who still seek a comprehensive design/build capability for their project.


Every project begins with conversations with the owner and operators to get a hands-on feel for the project requirements. Based on interviews, feedback, specifications and other analytical data, we develop a specialized plan for your project.

Client Projects

Find out more about some of our latest projects.