“Interstate Wastewater has an exceptional balance of system design capabilities, mechanical repair and fieldwork experience. They offer a realistic eye toward the design and implementation of solutions across a wide range of system types, backed by their years of experience.”

Kent Nichols, Vice President Water Resource Group
Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc.


Complete Turnkey Solution

As a full service company dedicated to the wastewater industry, we are uniquely qualified to manage every aspect of your project.

Centralized Management

We will manage all subcontractors and service providers to ensure that your project runs smoothly, on time and on budget.


Our expert team can assess your equipment and/or facility and provide a detailed report of current and potential future issues you’re facing as well as a detailed action plan to mitigate any shortcomings.

Concept and Design

Our experienced professionals can conceptualize and design the ideal solution for your unique situation and facility.

Product and Equipment Sourcing

Because of our extensive experience in a multitude of different wastewater projects, we can ensure that you have the right materials and equipment to create a long-lasting, efficient solution.


Our project managers will pull all the appropriate permits for your project to ensure that you are meeting all local ordinances, minimizing delays and eliminating any citations or work shutdowns.

Client Projects

Find out more about some of our latest projects.